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Adhesion Promotor Pad Packaging Machine

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Adhesion Promotor Pad Packaging Machine Details

 Adhesive packaging machine is mainly used for the production of packaging disposable four-side sealing aids, alcohol cotton tablets, alcohol disinfection tablets, screen wiping tablets, iodophor disinfection tablets, unloading tablets and other products.

The machine adopts PLC, touch screen program control, the outer packaging film has automatic correction system, cursor positioning, stable operation, suitable for mass production.

1. The machine is equipped with a quantitative automatic liquid adding device, the liquid volume can be freely controlled according to requirements, and the filling position is accurate.
2. Machine adopts two longitudinal and horizontal sewing systems, and the sealing performance is good.
4. The outer casing and the parts involved in the product are all made of 304 stainless steel.
5. The machine is compact in structure, fast in speed, good in stability and high in production efficiency.

Main data:
Name:Adhesion Promotion Pad Packaging Machine
Unfold size of nonwoven fabric: length 60mm × width 30mm
Folded size of nonwoven fabric : length 30mm × width 30mm
Folding method: folded in half
Bag size: length 50mm × width 50mm
Production ability: 240-280pc/min
Packaging film material: 65-110g/m2 paper aluminum film
Packaging film specifications: Φ ≤ 400mm, width ≤ 420mm, paper core inner diameter :76.2mm
Suitable for nonwoven fabric: 30-70g/m2: spunlace nonwoven fabric,diameter ≤ 600mm, width ≤ 70mm
Raw material core diameter: 76.2mm (=3")
Total power: 220v, 50hz, 2.6kw
NOTE: Different sizes can be customized.

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