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Warm paste packing machine

Warm paste packing machine is designed for 4 side seal packing of different shape,size of warm paste.

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Warm paste packing machine Details

 Warm paste packing machine is high speed,dual-path packing,it is suit for warm paste,heat patch,warm uterus past,heating dysmenorrhea patch etc.Machine is with PLC unit to work with touc screen for very simple operation.

The different size and different shape  of wamr paste will be accepted to customized model.it gives the less labor involved for packing to reduce the manufacturing cost.

Production procedures:

to put the warm patch on the convey system(can be automatic feeding system if needed)-into the packet-forming the packet-sealing-cut off-finsihed product delivery


Main technicals:

Packet size:60-170mmx60-120mmx1-10mm LWH


Packing film:alu paper plastic etc

Diameter:max 350mm


Power supply:motor 202kw heat 3.3kw

Voltage:220v 50&60hz



Packing size:2800x1900x1900mm

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