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Alcohol Wet Wipes Packaging machine

This is a Fully autmatic model for making Alcohol bas wipes,swabs,prep pad,it also be able to make water base wipes,wet tissue etc.It completes with folding sealing and packing for all by automation,very user friendly,high produciton speed.
Non skilled operator is requested.

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Alcohol Wet Wipes Packaging machine Details

Our machine range covers the products of Alcohol base of swabs packaging machines,Medical swabs making machines, Alcohol prep pad packaging machines,Medical wipes packaging machine,water base of airline wet tissue packaging machines ,also it is good for packing Cleansing towels, Shave wipes, Nail polish remove wipes,Facial wet tissues,Povidone iodine prep pad, Bzk antiseptic swab, Alcohol swab stick, ,Lemon glycerin swab stick, medical wet wipes, wet wipes ,Restaurant wet tissue, glasses cleaning wet wipes,computer cleaning wet tissue, spectacles cleaning wet wipes, and etc.

Material loading on machine→ Folding→Cut→Auto liquid spray→pack into bags→packaging Sealing→Die cut→Finished product
Production Speed:80-100 pack/min
Material:Non woven,tissue,wipes
Max Width:100-200mm
Diameter:Max 600mm
Pack Material: Foil PE Paper PET OPP
Pack Material width:120-260mm
Pack Material inner diameter:3inch/76mm
Pad unfold size:60x60mm
Pad folded size:30x30mm
Packing size:50x50mm
Fold:1-2 fold vertical&horizontal
Machine size: 1500x600x1500mmLWH
Packing size:1800x1000x1800mmLWH


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