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Alcohol wet wipes machine

We are professional manufacturer of automatic alcohol/Medical antiseptic wet wipes packaging machine,it is for automatic folding,four side sealing,packing machine all in one machine.
The design is from the Europe latest technology,since now is made in China,we have bring down a lot for the manufacturing cost,the machine is premium quality with competitive price.

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Alcohol wet wipes machine Details

It is ideal for different wet tissue packaging machine,include hotel wet tissue packaging machine,airline wet wipes packaging machine,medical wet wipes packaging machine,isopropyl alchol wet wipes packaging machine,computer cleaning wet tissue/spectacle cleaning wet wipes,lens/glass cleaning wet wipes etc etc.
Beside the above mentioned models,we also accept to make the individual model for different buyer requirement.
Brief introduction:
Four side sealing alcohol wet wipes packing machine is can be used to produce:Computer cleaning wet wipes and medical wet wipes,isopropyl alcohol wet wipes,Aircraft wet wipes,hotel /Restaurant wet tissue,etc.
Production line:
Raw materials onto the machine→several(max 8)folding Longitudinally→two times folding crosswisely→cutting→spraying→into packages→sealing→cutting→product.
Technical parameters:
Name: wet tissue packaging machine
Model: PPD-SC
Wet tissue unfolded size: L 100-200mm × W 100-200mm
Wet tissue Folded size:L50-100mm × W25-35mm
Bag size: L50-90mm × W40-60mm
Wet tissue way of folding: several(Max 8) folding Longitudinally → one or two times folding crosswise
Way of adding liquid: at a certain amount
Processing ability: 100-140 bag/minute
Suitable wet pad material: roll, 40-60g/㎡,spunlace nonwoven cloth and wet strenth paper,Φ≤600mm, breadth 100-200mm
Suitable packing material: roll, 70-110g/㎡,paper aluminum,paper plastic,aluminum plastic and so on,,breadth ≤220mm
Raw material paper core inside diameter: Φ 76.2mm (=3")
Total power: 220v,50Hz,2.2KW
Weight: 800 kg
External dimensions: L2500mm × W1000mm × H1500mm
Packing size: L2700mm × W1300mm × H1800mm
Main dispositions
1. Intelligent packaging machine controller (bag length settings, photo mark of automatic tracking, counting)
2. Stepper control system.
3. Four-sided seal bag, packing sealing system (dual in bag, seal pattern with reticulate).
4. Temperature control system
5. Wetting system adding liquild at a certain amount
6. Intelligent photoelectric trademark vertical positioning system
7. Packing materials manually horizontally correcting system
8. Non-woven folding and cutting installment
9. Coated stainless steel shield, main contact parts using stainless steel or rust-proof materials
10.Electrical control box (including the control panel, emergency stop switch, conveyor belt-conditioning switches, electrical switches, temperature-controlled instrument panel)
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