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Square Cosmetic Cotton Machine PPD-SCM500

Square Cosmetic Cotton Machine » PPD-SCM500

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Square Cosmetic Cotton Machine

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Square Cosmetic Cotton Machine Details

Square cosmetic cotton machine is an automatic equipment for processing rectangular cosmetic cotton pieces and removing cosmetic cotton pieces.
The whole machine is made of international high-quality steel, and the worktable and parts that are easy to cause sanitary impact on the products are all made of stainless steel,more safety and tidy.

1. Automatic production from the raw material to the finished product.
2. Automatic counting device, left and right stepped stacking counting.
3. The finished product size is easy to adjust.
4. Frequency conversion control is adopted for speed regulation.
5. Electrical system wiring is reasonable, safe and easy to operate.

Main parameters:
Name: Square Cosmetic Cotton Machine
Model: PPD-SCM500
Production speed: 500-2000 pieces/minute
Product size: 50mm × 60mm or customized
Jumbo roll width:max1000mm
Jumbo roll OD:max700mm

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